Frequently Asked Questions

How will Osirion improve your performance?

By analyzing your gameplay down to every micro-decision, we can provide you with actionable feedback and skill mapping. By analyzing specific games, sessions and long-term performance, we can help you improve strategy, learning and routines. Furthermore, using peripherals like eye-trackers will make the insights even more powerful.

How does Osirion collect game data?

Let Osirion run in the background while playing your favorite games. Simple as that. We have developed advanced data collection systems that capture all in-game events, using completely legal methods (often provided directly by the game publisher).

What is the difference between the free Starter Plan and the Pro Plan?

The free version gives you a chance to test the application and start collecting data from all your games, with access to basic analyses and statistics. With the Pro Plan, you unlock all features (including eye tracking) and will get the most out of the app.

Osirion is under heavy and rapid development, and the differences between free and Pro will increase as we release new functionality. Consequently, prices may change at any moment, and we expect them to increase down the line.

How does eye tracking work?

We believe integration of eye tracking is the future of esports. For most players, the analytics can help you boost visual information processing and notice when you need to relax your eye musculature. In fact, we are able to detect cognitive load and stress through eye tracking, and can tell what in-game situations apply pressure on you as a player.

It can help you improve your focus in individual matches, guiding you on how to alter your vision patterns to optimize the information you process during the game. It allows us to analyze your session performance and how your eye is used over time across matches. This lets us give feedback on how the player should take care of their eyesight and ensure maximal efficiency.

Is it necessary to buy an Eye Tracker?

No! Eye tracking is a significant value-add, but not a requirement. However, if you truly want to maximize the value you get from our product, we absolutely recommend it. The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 can also be integrated with a variety of games (e.g. Assassin’s Creed), which can help improve your overall gaming experience.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We want our users to pay for Osirion because they love it, and not because it is hard to cancel the subscription. The subscription can easily by cancelled in the billing menu found in the Settings panel once you are logged in. There are no hidden lock-in periods!