Frequently Asked Questions

How will Osirion help me manage my esports team?

Osirion will be able to solve problems for every member of the organization. The solution will help teams facilitate the best training programs for their players and staff. Managers and coaches are able to study their players' statistics and understand how they act as a team, and will in the future be able to scout for specific player profiles. We want to build a one-stop-shop for team management, so that you can do what you love, better than ever.

How does the Organization Plan pricing model work?

Osirion want teams of all sizes and backgrounds to be able to use our solution. Therefore, we have created a pricing model with a baseline fee of zero. The organization simply pays a flat monthly rate of €20 for each member (whether that is a player, coach, analyst or manager), and gets access to all of our features. So whether you are a team of 2 or a team of 50, the Organization Plan can work for you!