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-> Receive statistics from both individual games and sessions

-> We will not overwhelm you with useless data

-> All data collection is automated – no more manual inputs and spreadsheets

-> Understand your progression and gaming journey

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Osirion is the go-to App for performance analytics. Our goal is to see you perform as best as you can.


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We give you measurable and tangible feedback. You will learn from your mistakes, and we are here to help you.


Create a Team by inviting them to your Team page. As a manager or a coach, you will have an simple and on-the-go overview of your team. It is easy to manage your players through the Osirion App.


We provide you with outstanding insights which is vital for reaching the next level of play. Say goodbye to bad stat-trackers overwhelming you with spreadsheets of data. We make the analysis more advanced while making it easier for you to digest.

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