The only performance software for esports with Eye Tracking integration.

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We monitor how you use your eyes during a game – letting you know exactly how to improve your focus and reaction time.

The future of esports

We believe integration of eye tracking is the future of esports. For most players, the analytics can help you boost visual information processing and notice when you need to relax your eye musculature.

In fact, we are able to detect cognitive load and stress through eye tracking, and can tell what in-game situations apply pressure on you as a player.

The power of Eye Tracking

It can help you improve your focus in individual matches, guiding you on how to alter your vision patterns to optimize the information you process during the game.

It allows us to analyze your session performance and how your eye is used over time across matches. This lets us give feedback on how the player should take care of their eyesight and ensure maximal efficiency.

Your eyes are the window to your brain

We use the beautiful Tobii Eye Tracker 5 to collect eye tracking data. Tobii is a provider of cutting edge hardware. Get yours now!

-> Read more about Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Buy an Eye Tracker