Meet Your Personal AI Coach for Fortnite

Osirion is the fastest way to improve your play in Fortnite. Track your matches, get instant feedback by the AI Coach, and check tournament leaderboards.

We'll do all the data work for you

Get instant feedback ⚡

No more need for hours of replay and VOD review. Our AI coach gives you the feedback you need right away.

All your stats in one place 💫

Your match history, statistics, and feedback - all in one place. Don't waste time gathering your stats manually.

AI coach available 24/7 🌙

The Osirion AI coach never sleeps. We'll give you invaluable insights every hour of the day (and night).

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Get started with Osirion in 3 minutes. Create a user and upload some replays. That's it.


Create Your Account 🌱

Create your Osirion account here. Or sign in if you already have one.


Upload Fortnite Replays 📂

Or install our new desktop app that automatically uploads replays for you.


Check Match Reports 💚

Get feedback from the AI coach and check your stats in the match reports.

Get FNCS-ready with Osirion

You need to get to Platinum 1 or higher. Here is the distribution of ranked players. This is what you're up against 💀

18.9% 24.2% 20.9% 18.7% 14.2% 2.4% 0.6% 0.1%

Let's get you to the top 0.01%

We exist to help you get value from your game data, so that you can take your place among the very best 🏆

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions. If you're wondering about something, you might find the answer here 🙏

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Here's what we're building

This roadmap is a summary of what we're building and planning to release in the app over the coming months 🚧

Shipped Features 🚢

Already available in the web app.

Fortnite Replay Analysis

Fortnite Match Reports

AI Coach Match Feedback

Rank Distribution Chart

Full 2D Replay Viewer

Public Match Data API

Tournament Overviews

Tournament Leaderboards

Tournament Surge Stats

In-Game Event Timeline

Stream Sniper List

Ranked Stream Overlay

Tournament Stream Overlay

Auto-Replay Uploader App

Referral Program

Interactive Fortnite Map

Loot & Container Locations

Auto-generated Dropmaps

Auto-generated Loot Paths

Landing Location Heatmaps

Death Location Heatmaps

Material Heatmaps

Coming Soon ⚡

In development, planned for Q2 2024.

Auto-generated Bus Calc

Full AI Coach Chat

Item & Weapon Stats

Loot Pool Overview

More Career Stats

Public Player Profiles

Player Comparisons

AI Mistake Detection

Planned for Later 💚

Features coming in Q3 2024 or later.

Qual Predictions

Tournament Watch Party

Creative Mode Support

Osirion Rating System

Global Skill Leaderboard

AI Dropspot Suggestions

Tailored Practice Maps

AI-generated Tactics

Dashboards for Teams

Dashboards for Coaches

Improved App Design

Improved AI Coaching

And much, much more...

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