Frequently Asked Questions

Why is gaming an important social activity?

Participating in and being good at video games has become important for kids and teens to feel included in their friend groups. Around 90% of children in the age 9 to 18 play video games regularly, and the most popular are social online games. As a consequence, it clearly impacts friendships, discussions and trends in, e.g., the school yard.

Online gaming is a fantastic arena for building life-long friendships, having fun, competing and learning. It also creates opportunities for careers in content creation, design, game development, programming, marketing, and more. Gaming has driven millions to try content creation and video editing, or to dive into game files and develop mods.

Why should someone analyze their game with Osirion?

The most popular games are competitive multiplayer games, hosting tournaments, events, and challenges. Players can play for hours in a row, practicing to become better in competitive video games. Becoming the best requires focus and practice, and it is heavily dependent on cognitive performance. Focus and cognitive performance is again linked to sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more!

We use better gaming as a motivation to improve habits and routines that also optimize cognitive performance, helping players improve all aspects of their life - everything from gaming to school, work, sports, and other hobbies. How do you convince a 14-year old to get 8 hours of sleep per night? What if you could show that sleeping 8 hours instead of 6 improve their overall focus and performance in their favorite game by more than 20%?

What are the benefits of using Osirion?

We help players see the impact of sleep and exercise, and how it affects their in-game performance. We can use eye tracking to analyze player eye sight, and soon smart watches to track sleep and exercise. If players sleep more and exercise, not only do they learn in-game skills faster, but it also helps for learning in school. What better way to facilitate healthy habits, than to show players how it can improve their main hobby?